The Best Surf Ad Ever, Part 1

FUUUCK! THIS IS EPIC! The Cult, the shredding, the girls, the story, the SC, the Lane, the Jack, the neon, the cars, the lip sync at 1:50 -- all fucking rad! And is that a Hotline in there? WTF, fuck Hotline!

Surf Celebrity Look-alikes: Dave Wassel vs David Hasselhoff

At the Apex

Ascending the bridge I’m scanning left. Then I see it, a special gap between girders—a gap with a view. My attention shifts to a point in the distance with whitewater and waves.

Near the apex I’m concentrating on the road and traffic and especially the trucks—but I’m mostly thinking about surf. High up—about 150 feet—it feels higher, like flying in a biplane while threading a framed iron tube. Air, land, and liquid fill the elevated scene. But far below, azure water pours from a great lake into a river flowing south. Between the metal I get a glimpse and a hint at my journey’s future. Will I get to surf? Where will I go? How good will it be? Will it last? Will I get past the border? Answers and hope emerge from the excitement of a brief, less than a second surf check at a spot on a bridge—a bridge to another country, a bridge to a lake surfing adventure.

Beyond Blazing Boards: Surf Video Disruption

Glimmering hypnotic water shimmers with tense music--we’re expecting something, something rad… then blam! Wild Child by the Untouchables over shredding. So upbeat, so anti-hippy, so ripping!

Best surf video intro ever? Turtle Dragon is getting amped to surf!

Then Curren, then Occy (faark! that air is still so rad). Gold Coast, Natividad, Bali, Ronnie Burns carving mega Padang!

Ronnie's carving and the lineup shots are perfect!

Beyond Blazing Boards is one of the best surf movies ever: an upbeat soundtrack, ripping, and no slow 70's hippie crap!

Peninsula: Italian Surf Movie

Different surf, different spots, different scenery, different surfers, different surfboards, different clothes, different food, different music, different surfing. And freaking floaters! Lots of floaters. Floaters are so rad, so 80’s, so Mediterranean. So much 80’s too. Check it out.